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Hello Friends,

Jeff Richards here. I created this blog for Titanya so you would have one place to view updates regarding her recent very serious medical condition and where you could add your comments if you wish to do so. I know Titanya will add some of her own comments to the blog, but for right now; I am adding her dictated comments and some of my own, plus have posted the comments already written by David Feinstein that many of you may have received already.

Titanya is now out of the hospital and working hard to recover from the past five weeks of this stressful situation. She is still very weak and who knows when she will even have the energy to view her blog or see your comments, but she eventually will. She still requests that the BEST way to send your wishes is to send her a card to her home:

Titanya Dahlin
1009 Tinkerbell Ave.
Big Bear City, California 92314

I do know she also doesn't want you to panic and worry about her. Instead, send the positive energy that will continue to dissipate her blood clots and hold the confidence that I do; that she will be back to her old vibrant self soon. Thank you so much and if you feel the need to talk; you can reach me, preferably by phone at (909) 534-1314.

Jeff Richards
March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Titanya Update: March 20, 2009

"Tanya Report After a Very Tough Day"

Written by David Feinstein

Today feels like the calm after the storm. Yesterday a fourth blood clot passed through Tanya's heart. It felt like a heart attack and only Donna's constant administration of energy medicine was able to relieve the pain and pressure somewhat. But today Tanya is largely recovered from yesterday's trauma (two days ago she could make the breath measure go up to 750, yesterday barely 200, today back up to 500--just one measure of the state of her health, though all of this is while she is hooked up to oxygen). The emergency tests to find out what was going on in her heart revealed that the blood clots are apparently shrinking and that there is only one left in her chest area (there had been 3). The doctors feel that this means that the blood thinners are doing their job. We also learned today that the new diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension we were given yesterday can be an artifact of blood clots and should subside without further treatment. Also, the doctors who said she would be in the hospital for at least two to three more weeks just a few days ago are now saying just a few more days, though we pumped them enough to find out that the insurance company is involved in that shift of estimates. What was comforting was that we can do much at home that they can do at the hospital. What was not comforting was that we can't do the IV at home plus one of the reasons for keeping her in the hospital is in case there is a critical emergency and the insurance company does not consider that an adequate basis for hospitalization. The doctor's here are clearly mad at the insurance company for pressuring them to act against their best judgment. At the moment, Tanya is still here though it may turn into a daily debate between them and the insurance company. Of course we will still have options regardless of what the insurance company decides, but we are hoping they will support what the patient clearly needs.

Overall, while things had been looking better each day until yesterday (Thursday), and yesterday seemed like a giant setback, it may not have had the terrible implications we were afraid it had.

The sun is bright here in Palm Springs, and it is a good day. Again, thank you for your support from me, Donna, Tanya, Dondi, and Jeff!



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